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Thirst Aid Live is so proud of Mike Musick. He has been performing nonstop nationally. Not only great music, but spreading the word about the global water issues...Mike's song "America", created for Thirst Aid Live, is featured in the Jim Thebault water documentary "Running Dry: The New American Southwest" narrated by actress and philanthropist Jane Seymour.

Get all tour info and listen to the music at:

Jan Smith launches "Run the Other Way"
Jan, world renowned vocal instructor and personal coach to the stars, also known as "Mama J" and "Miss Jan", has launched her new book based on life experiences entitled "Run the Other Way".

Run The Other Way is a story of passion, pain, and power that reminds us of our human frailty and God’s power to redeem even in the midst of overwhelming odds.

Read Jan’s intensely personal account of the fleeting joy, crushing pain, and ultimate release she experienced as a result of her 12-year love affair with her best friend and business colleague who was also a married man.

Smith takes readers through the emotional chronology of the affair, giving an intimate and poignant window on the world of a woman whose joy in her professional success was tempered and tainted by profound and personal struggle.

Mama J is an active supporter of Thirst Aid Live. TAL founder Denise Russo has been working closely w Smith on her tours.

Buy a copy of her new book at

Thirst Aid Live: Trekking Tanzania
We are planning a documentary film project and well-building trip to Tanzania in 2014. Stay tuned for details as spaces will be limited for participants to join celebrities on this life-changing fundraising tourism trek.

Thirst Aid Stands
Thirst Aid Stands are drink stands for kids. Whether it's lemonade, limade, koolaid, gatorade, or any other drink INCLUDING safe, clean drinking water, kids have an opportunity to be the change by selling drinks
for change. The funds raised from these stands directly give OTHER kids safe clean drinking water around the world.

Thirst Aid Live: Restoration
In 2009 thousands of homes were destroyed in a terrible flood right outside metro Atlanta. Clarkdale Elementary School (where Russo's kids attended) was totally submerged. Subdivisions had only rooftops visible from the murky brown waters, and memories and belongings were washed away and destroyed across multiple counties. In 2010 Thirst Aid Live created "Restoration" a fundraising concert for the flood victims of Georgia. What made this event so special was that TAL founder Denise Russo, was one of those affected by the flooding. She and her family lost everything in the flood (car, home, and belongings), yet took the experience to help the community and raised over $20,000 for her town and neighbors. 

There is so much more planned for the rest of 2013 including a brand new website that is currently under development. Stay tuned for BIG news on some interactive and innovate global programs. Hope to have you involved! 

SPECIAL THANKS TO NATE BUTLER for the song "Give Me Some Water", written, produced and performed by him for Thirst Aid Live. Also thanks to Tara Moore and Quinn Hood for providing the photos of their trips globally documenting the crisis.

What is $5 to you? A cup of coffee? A footlong sub? Less than 2 gallons of gas?

Well it can mean SO MUCH MORE.

$5 gives a child safe clean drinking water for the rest of his/her LIFE.

$5. That's it.
Will you give? Please.

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