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Our mission is simple: we are vessels spreading a message of living responsibly locally, raising awareness nationally, and giving globally.

Can you imagine that close to ONE BILLION PEOPLE DO NOT have access to clean, safe drinking water?

One BILLION. This is just about 1 in every EIGHT PEOPLE who DO NOT have access to a simple glass of something we take for granted.

Not only that, but nearly 80% of all diseases are directly due to unsafe water and improper sanitation.

Did you know that the deaths that occur from lack of water or proper sanitation also amount to more than the deaths caused by war?

Together we CAN make a BIG difference for this critical worldwide issue. 

All money donated goes directly to active water projects around the world through our nonprofit partners. Everyone deserves the right to access clean, safe drinking water. This is not a disease with no cure - awareness and funding will fix this...if we all help.

photo credit: Tara Moore  

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Thirst Aid Live (R) is a series of events and programs produced by the Vessel H2O organization that raise funds and awareness for the global water crisis. 
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